Enjoy Fire & Belly Dance entertainment for your next event!

Belly Dance Party Show
Dazzle guests with this unique form of entertainment that is perfect for birthday and bachelorette parties, anniversaries, baby showers and more! Includes exciting entrance routine by dancer in full regalia (finger cymbals and veil), a drum solo, an optional  sword  or candle tray  routine, and audience participation for guests to join the fun! Cost:  $275-$400. Additional show $100.
(Sorry, no bachelor parties or all male events.)

The perfect kick-off for large events and weddings. Can include a grand belly dance entrance with wings, a Zeffa (wedding procession) a classic routine with veil & finger cymbals, choice of sword or candle tray dance, a sizzling drum solo and an optional guest participation finale! Costume change also available. Cost: $325-$550.


Group Belly Dance Lessons with Show

Group receives a 5-20 min costumed belly dance performance, warm up, AND a 20 to 120 min lesson after the show! Guests receive hip scarves, silk veils and finger cymbals for loan or purchase to enhance the fun while learning! Cost: $225 - $500.   (Note: Some advance noticed required for props based on package purchased)
See "Shimmy Party" rates below:

Fire Dance Show

Experienced in the art of Poi (a New Zealand art form done with fire), Xerus is available to dazzle your guests at parties, trade shows, fundraisers and family events. Note: Shows with fire are suitable for outdoor or well-ventilated indoor areas only. We're fully insured.
Cost: $275-400.

  Fire & Belly Dance Showcase
Get the best of both worlds for your next event! A hit for indoor/outdoor celebrations, both AsaliNaimah and Xerus will perform solo belly dancing and fire spinning routines followed by a sizzling duet of fire and belly dance!  Multiple fire dancers available. Props can include: Fire Poi, Fan Veil, Wings, Candle Tray, Palm Torches and more!
Cost: $500-850 per set per show length. 

  Out of Town Events &
Additional Performers

We can perform fire and belly dance shows outside of Chicago! Travel and accommodation fees apply. Additional performers also available.

For a quote or booking info contact us at asalinamah@shimmysoul.com.

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